Matt Hardy ROH Anti-Bullying Promo (Silent Card Video)


Published On June 3, 2013 | Matt's Insight, Wrestling

The Story Behind The Ring Of Honor Anti-Bullying Video

Just recently, I released a video vignette that I entitled, “My ROH Anti-Bullying Video.” The video was directed towards the very opinionated Ring of Honor fan base and my upcoming opponent at the “Best In The World” iPPV, Kevin Steen. Ever since I returned to ROH last year, the judgmental ROH fans have constantly attacked me with negative chants and signs, such as “Fatt Hardy”, “Matt Hardy Will Not Diet”, “The Wrestling IHOP”, “DDP Yoga”, and “Same Old Shit!” Although I can respect the passion of the ROH fans for their loyal dedication toward the Ring Of Honor product, I had to call them out on their hypocrisy. I was performing a “ROH-like style” and booking a “ROH-like product” almost 20 years ago with my OMEGA promotion; I then went on to become one of the most popular tag team and singles wrestler in the history of the WWE for almost 12 years. During those 12 years, I helped open up the door for smaller, more athletic guys in this business. I helped take ladder matches to a new, mainstream level. I was one of the pioneers that created the TLC match; a match that will now forever exist in wrestling. Over the course of those 12 years, I was in hundreds of show stealing matches, helped countless other wrestlers succeed, put smiles on billions of faces, and made millions of dollars. To remind these hypocritical ROH fans of these facts, the Matt Hardy “character” that exists in Ring of Honor has decided to “kill two birds with one stone.”

I stumbled across one of the index card videos when watching some Bryan Cranston “Breaking Bad” interviews on YouTube. That video led me to some index card spoof videos. I searched & I couldn’t find one that had been done in a pro wrestling context & the vignette idea was then in the works. I wrote the text for the index cards in about 20 mins. Reby and I proofread the text & she gave me her feedback. We then we put our heads together to make it as good as possible, which led to a couple of tweaks. I’d love to take credit for the immaculate handwriting, but I can’t, because Reby did it. I specifically bought the pink dress shirt to add to the vibe of the video & chose the narcissistic setting of a Matt Hardy action figure wall behind me. Running out of index cards and using a $100 bill on the top of a large stack of $100s for the final message that read, “I’M RICH!” was also a special Matt Hardy brainchild. The video certainly wouldn’t have become what it was without my gorgeous fiancé, Reby Sky. Reby did the beautiful lighting, shot and edited the video, as well as contributed to the artistic presentation (specifically, creating ideas with my expressions and the shot of me ‘making it rain’ with the cash as I laugh maniacally), and most importantly, the music. We wanted a slow, dramatic, almost sad instrumental track in the background. Reby suggested the idea of an original piano cover of my “Live For The Moment” WWE theme song. Twenty minutes later, she had played and recorded our all-new original – yet somehow familiar sounding – instrumental composition of “Love For The Moment”. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, Reby is a talented pianist.
……… And that is how this wonderful little nugget of entertainment came to be.

In case you haven’t seen my “ROH Anti-Bullying Video” yet, it’s posted HERE - or above – for your viewing pleasure. I’ve also included the video of Reby Sky performing the original instrumental for the video, “Love For The Moment“.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this Behind The Music/Video article.
Thanks for all the kind words in regards to the entertainment value of the “ROH Anti-Bullying Video”!

-Matt Hardy

ROH Anti-Bullying Video:

Piano Cover of Matt Hardy’s WWE Theme Song:

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