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Published On February 20, 2013 | Matt's Insight

I believe in humanity. I believe in people and refuse to give up on them. I believe all human beings yearn to be good at their core, and are capable of goodness within. Unfortunately though, sometimes temptations, poor decision making, pain, or diseases make it easier for people to make terrible choices. We’re all human, which means we’re not perfect-we occasionally make mistakes, we sometimes use poor judgment, and we accidentally hurt others with our words and actions. Some people worse than others.

I’m not writing this to defend anyone, I’m writing this to hopefully trigger positive, evolved, open-minded thoughts from everyone. We all need to think before we act-right and wrong is actually easier to comprehend than most people make it out to be. But once we’ve made a poor decision, it’s up to us to make changes to correct things and make sure it never happens again. It takes different people various levels of embarrassment, pain, suffering, or “darkness” until they evolve into what I feel all human beings have the ability to become. And that’s a wise, evolved, positive, mature person who focuses on helping and building people up as opposed to tearing them down. If you’ve ever made similar mistakes and you’re judgmental of someone doing the same, you’re being hypocritical and closed-minded.

I want all people to be better human beings. I currently dream of a world that helps one another, without hurting one another-whether it’s intentional or unintentional. When others stumble and fall, let’s try and help them up as opposed to kicking them while they’re down. Individuals have to want the best for themselves, but I also want the best for every human being, from all walks of life. Even if you dislike me, don’t respect me, or refuse to forgive me for any of my past transgressions, I wish you all the best. At this point in my life, I’ve fully released the anchors of hate, envy, and judgment. I want the best for every man and woman across our planet. I believe in humanity.

-Matt Hardy

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