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Published On December 20, 2013 | News, Wrestling

At Final Battle, ROH Heavyweight Champion, Adam Cole revealed his secret mentor to the world; none other than Matt Hardy. Check out this article by detailing that night & the long road ahead for The Icon, Matt Hardy & his progeny.

From the Piece:
“With emotions boiling, Nigel McGuinness has decided to make another 3 Way match for Wrestling’s Finest in Pittsburgh.  However, this will not be a traditional “rematch” – it will be a gigantic Elimination Tag Team Match! The first team will be the newly formed duo of Adam Cole and Matt Hardy.  Clearly, wherever Cole goes, Hardy will be lurking somewhere ready to interfere like he did at Final Battle.  In Pittsburgh, he won’t have to worry about assisting the champ behind the referee’s back because he is now Adam Cole’s sanctioned tag team partner!”

To read the article in its entirety, CLICK HERE


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