Published On February 28, 2012 | Television, Wrestling

See highlights of Matt Hardy vs. Luke Gallows for UCW in Norcross, GA below :

“Hardy hands-down got the biggest pop. He looked to be in good shape. The match was back and forth at the start with some impressive chain wrestling. Hardy carried over a headlock, bringing Gallows to the Matt. LG battled out & got the upper hand with some big punches, putting Hardy in a corner. Hardy battled back with a neckbreaker & got the crowd behind him. Hardy went for a twist of fate but was pushed off & met with a big boot. LG took control again but was quickly put in a sleeper by Hardy. LG fought out & got Hardy in a sleeper of his own. Hardy faded out but got to a vertical base. He was quickly taken back down with a big left hand. LG got a near-fall & picked right back up, throwing Hardy across the ring. LG locked in chokeholds for a solid minute before whipping Hardy to the ground. LG went for a splash and Hardy rolled out of the way & took back over, and the crowd got hot. Hardy hit a Side Effect & went to the second rope, putting an elbow in the back of LG’s head. LG battled back up, but out of nowhere Hardy hit a Twist of Fate for a three-count.”

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