Matt Hardy vs Sabu - Extreme Rising


Published On December 27, 2012 | News, Wrestling, YouTube

On Saturday, December 29, 2012, Matt Hardy will take on Extreme “legend” Sabu in a Dream Match for Extreme Rising in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Check out this article from Extreme Rising’s official website …

From the Piece:
“Both Sabu and Hardy are not in the Extreme Rising tournament for the title, but this match is a main event in its own. This is a match that can headline any wrestling event anywhere in the World. Sabu will do what he does and risk his body for the win. Hardy wants to prove to the extreme fans that he has what it takes to compete and be a top in Extreme Rising. Beating Douglas at “Remember November” would’ve been great for Hardy, but due to medical reasons and doctor’s orders at ringside Hardy had to sit out the finale of the match –but Hardy beating Sabu would be absolutely huge for him beyond any match he has had in Extreme Rising.” 


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