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Published On December 19, 2012 | News, Television, Wrestling

At “Final Battle 2012: Doomsday” (Replay Available On Demand) Matt Hardy, after earning the wrath of the ROH faithful in NYC, defeated World TV Champion Adam Cole in a non-title affair via some very dubious means. Very pleased with himself, Hardy bolted out of the ring and quickly headed to the locker room with a smile on his face, leaving a very visibly angry Adam Cole to watch him flee.

“I’m disappointed.” Cole said to, “Not shocked in the least, just disappointed. I suppose I let myself hope that maybe my words go through to Hardy just a little bit. I hoped that my challenge for him to bring the Old Matt Hardy to Final Battle sunk in and I would get a true fight. Instead I got the supposedly new and improved Hardy as my opponent and he showed his true colors. Matt showed how whoever or whatever he thinks he is now, he’s really just a coward dressed in Hardy clothes. I hope I can repay the favor at some point, I hope that I can give Matt the sort of wake-up call he gave me when he punted my in the balls.”

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