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LET IT GO [9-28-12]

Published On October 10, 2012 | Matt's Insight, Personal

Any hate on Reby Sky due to my relationship with Amy Dumas that was 7 YEARS AGO is really absurd & invalid. Two TOTALLY different women who don’t know one another, or are concerned about one another. My history is past tense, Reby is my present & future. Rebecca Reyes was with me when I was in my darkest days, stayed with me, & she helped keep me in check to make changes I needed to make. I appreciate that more than I can put into words. Insulting her about a non-existent issue just becomes unnecessary cyber-hate spewed over social media. And Reby will fight & strike back, that’s just how she’s wired-to fight for what she believes & who she loves. This issue only lingers because wrestling fans won’t let it go. Everyone involved has-it’s time everyone else does also.

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