Taking Pride In The Truth Of Your Reality

I have lots of cool, exciting things set up for the future. Some official deals that will let my peeps “watch me” wrestle-even when I’m not in their specific area. I have so many items on my plate that could possibly turn out to be great-every day is busy and exciting. It’s been fun and rewarding focusing on the “Matt Hardy” brand and working for myself along with my talented partner, Reby Sky. I truly feel like I’ve “Empowered myself and have taken pride in the truth of my reality.” It’s nice to get all the credit for 100% of your hard work & effort. I’m thoroughly enjoying the pace of my daily life, it’s been fulfilling and almost stress-free.

It’s time to crank things up a notch though. I’ve been doing lots of rehabilitation for my back, some of which has forced me to cut back on training as intensely as I would have liked the last few weeks. It has paid off though, as my back, hips, and overall body feel better than they have in years. But today marks the day I start my new training schedule and diet. I’m not afraid to work hard, I just know I have to work smarter in conjunction with my body’s wear and tear. I have lots of opportunities ahead of me, so I plan on being as ready as I can be in all ways, so I can make the most out of every opportunity.

People often ask me for advice on becoming a professional wrestler or either “making it” to one of the top companies in sports entertainment. My advice is this. “If you truly want to succeed in pro wrestling, don’t treat it as a hobby, embrace it as your lifestyle.” This means you take care of your body by sticking to a consistent training schedule, eating right, honing your craft, watching and studying all the wrestling you can, and traveling as much as you can to get experience and make connections and contacts. This is the most accurate information I could give you about how to attain success in the sports entertainment business. It actually applies to virtually any business or field. Regardless of what level you’re at in your profession, the “lifestyle” part never changes if you want to continue to grow and expand in your chosen field. Not for me, not for you, not for anyone. Sometimes I write these things & post them to remind myself to stay driven & work hard.

Don’t be afraid or too lazy to work hard.
Don’t be afraid to follow your heart and dare to dream.
Don’t be afraid to attempt and fail and then try again.
Don’t be afraid that you might succeed.

Take Pride In The Truth Of Your Reality. Empower Yourself!
-Matt Hardy

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