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TWIST OF FATE vs HATE [8-14-12]

Published On October 10, 2012 | Matt's Insight, Personal

Due to the fact that it confuses some, here is the official differences between the “Twist of Fate” & the “Twist of Hate” maneuvers. Whenever I grab someone in a front-face lock & quickly swing my right arm underneath their throat, lock my hands together, and drive them face-first into the mat for a knockout blow-that is the “Twist of Fate.” When I do the same thing but put their head through an open steel chair, doing more damage specifically to the throat while still serving as a knockout blow-that is the “Twist of Hate.”

When the move is done normally, it’s the “Twist of Fate”
If I do the same move but put their head in an open chair, it’s the “Twist of Hate”

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