Matt Hardy Training Seminar


Published On July 22, 2013 | News, Wrestling

The Midland Reporter-Telegram recently covered a Matt Hardy training seminar for Old School Wrestling in Odessa, Texas.

From the Piece:
“Professional wrestling fans probably don’t classify Matt Hardy with a technical style in the ring. After all, the former WWE superstar made a name for himself in tables, ladders and chairs matches while teaming with his brother, Jeff, to make up The Hardy Boyz. But Hardy was quick to point out during a seminar he delivered to members of Old School Wrestling on Friday that he believes all performances in the ring need a technical foundation.

‘I have to take some of the credit for helping create some of these silly ladder matches and TLC matches and stuff like that,’ Hardy told the OSW talent prior to the start of the in-ring seminar. ‘I do believe the older school wrestling approach still works across the board. I think a lot of guys think when you do more bigger spots the better it is and that’s not the case.’”


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