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Published On December 17, 2013 | News, Wrestling

Hardy recently gave an interview to the Burlington County Times Newspaper about his involvement in the upcoming Extreme Rising show, his current lifestyle, and much more.

From the Piece:
“Luke and I had problems from about a year ago in Pittsburgh when I was wrestling Shane Douglas and he interfered and pushed me off the top rope,” Hardy said. “I wasn’t ready and I fell and hit my head. I had a concussion, I was going into convulsions and I regurgitated. Obviously I know wrestling is a dangerous sport, and I know things happen. The thing that bothered me is that he never apologized, he never said he was sorry. Instead he bragged about it. That really bothered me.”

So Hardy is looking forward to getting his hands on Hawx, but he’s also excited about wrestling in the famous arena in South Philly. Hardy has helped sell out arenas across the world when he was tagging with his brother, Jeff, in the World Wrestling Federation. But a true student of the game, Hardy now has a chance to wrestle in the legendary ECW Arena.

“Back in the original ECW, Jeff and I were very close to signing with ECW before we went with WWF,” Hardy said. “And if you look back at the wrestling promotion we had, OMEGA, Organization of Modern Extreme Grappling Arts,it was a lot like ECW.”

Still, Hardy’s success in WWF has made him the target of many Philly fans’ hatred. A lot of extreme fans either don’t know or don’t care that Hardy’s start in the business was much like the guys who wrestled in for the outfit in Philadelphia. They don’t care that he traveled far distances for little pay. The fact is, he has the stench of Vince McMahon on him, so that makes him easy to hate.

According to Hardy, that’s cool.

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