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Published On May 8, 2013 | Matt's Insight, Personal

The Yin and the Yang of SkyHard

The reason I refer to myself and Reby as “Yin & Yang” is because our personalities, attitudes, opinions, & the way we react and handle things is very different. Although there are so many things that we feel the same about and agree upon, it’s these differences that make us a stronger couple. We are both extremely passionate people, and when we find ourselves in a “passionate zone” with one another, whether it’s physically, mentally, or emotionally-life is great. When we disagree on something, or have different viewpoints on something, it’s not hell.. It’s real. We voice each other’s side, we hear each other out, we listen to one another. Now more than ever, we both work together to come to a sensible, fair outcome that is the best for both of us. It’s this system of “checks and balances” that make us strong as a couple.

She’s of Latin descent from NYC, I’m a small town country boy from NC.. She’s reacts in a New York minute, I take my time and think as I southern mosey my way to a reaction.. She’s fiery, I’m calm.. Our backgrounds, upbringings, cultures, and childhoods were on opposite ends of the spectrum-but we’ve both learned to use that to our advantages. We’ve learned to use each other to help ourselves, and make both of our lives better, both personally and professionally.

God knows, I’m not perfect, and Reby would be the first to admit that she’s not either. I honestly feel like together we help each other to become better-our love allows each of us to keep the other person grounded, confident, motivated, and most importantly, real.

Reby stood by me along with my family and closest friends when I lost myself in a dark period of life. Reby didn’t leave, she didn’t stray, she stayed and was 100% supportive and was hard on me when she needed to be. That was a life-changing period of my life that made me into what I now am. And I feel like what I am now as a man and a human being is something very special. I will always love Reby for helping me get here. Not many other females would have been as loyal and giving as she was, and I will never forget that. Rebecca Reyes is not perfect and neither am I. But I believe that the two of us together have the possibility to be the closest to perfect that a couple can be.

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